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Warranty Claims and Field Services

WC/FieldSTM Manage the complete product life cycle with a superior tracking of workforce deployment,
Engineering Changes, Configuration History, Product Serialization, Warranty Contracts,Customer Support,
Return Material Authorization, Repairs and Product Enhancement, Dealers claims,
Incidences Patterns, Recall Campaign Analysis and Vendor Charge Backs.
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Help Desk Customer Support

Help Desk - Customer Relation Management

Help Desk - Customer Relation Management

Overview: The WC/FieldSTM Help Desk/Calls Support module is a powerful application tool that serves as the center of operations for recording and appropriately routes support and service calls.

This module closely interfaces and interacts with other WC/FieldSTM application areas allowing for an unparalleled exchange of information.

The Help Desk/Calls Support module can be operated as a stand-alone technical support tracking utility, or used to its full potential using not only to record help desk calls (via phone line or using the web ticket submission support site),
but also moving those calls on to the next level and follow the problem through to complete resolution.

As a result of this ability to tie a technical support call with functions handled by other WC/FieldSTM modules, the complete history of a problem or failure can be recorded and used to enhance the WC/FieldSTM knowledge base. In turn, the Knowledge Base can help reduce fault isolation time for similar problems and thereby reduce technical support time.

Additionally, complete conversation notes can be recorded via phone conversation or on an online chat room to add detail to a help desk call record. These conversation records are fully indexed and search-able providing another means to readily locate a known problem.

Help Desk Key Features

  • Complete Customer Relation Management
  • Online Ticket Submission connected to Customer Web Site
  • Ticket submitted routed to proper dispatcher for support
  • Customer Real time notification
  • Online Chat with tech support
  • Customer Access to knowledge Base for better Support
  • Complete work flow from start to complete problem resolution
  • Integration with RMA, Claim Processing, and Field Service Dispatch

The WC/FieldSTM Knowledge Base

The WC/FieldSTM Problem/Remedy Knowledge Base allows you to build a comprehensive reference index of known problems and proven solutions. Its knowledge base stores detailed information about products, problems codes, failures, recommended procedures for repair, or replacement of parts.
The Data collected by WC/FieldSTM from various sources, allows the system to create a powerful artificial intelligence system to build its necessary knowledge base. This process help not only the consumer but also the manufacturer to have a good quality control of the product, and aid the engineering department for the next revision of the product.

Using a powerful and flexible search engine, this information is placed at the fingertips of WC/FieldSTM users and is used to reduce the amount of time expended for troubleshooting and fault isolation by help desk personnel and technicians alike.
Additionally, this information can be used by support analysts to determine if the appropriate action was taken by a service center submitting a claim or a Customer via Help Desk.

Return Material Authorization

Return Material Authorization

Return Material Authorization Process

The Return Material Authorization Module handles every aspect of the RMA process.
The process starts from the submission of a request using the internet (from the Help Desk or the RMA Ticket Generation). Based on the information given, the system will trigger an RMA approval. Upon reception of the product by manufacturer with proper RMA documents, the RMA process will start using a complete work flow defined and configured by WC/FieldSTM standards.

Using this system you can:
  • Generate RMA Tickets Record receipt of returned material
  • Define test procedures for inspection and Record test results
  • Define repair material
  • Define repair routing templates
  • Record repair actions undertaken
  • Track/bill associated costs
  • Recommend and record RMA final disposition

Because the RMA module deals with several areas, it is crucial to understand every aspect of the RMA work flow.
When the RMA is received it goes through extensive predefine inspection stages. Based on the result of the inspection, several action can be taken in order to properly have the correct disposition.

The following are the possible Recommended Disposition Action List:
  • Generation of a Credit Return
  • Product Repair and update customer Product Configuration
  • Send A Loaner while product is repaired
  • Send a Replacement If warranty is in effect
  • Reject and return back to customer if No trouble found
  • Scrap the Item, followed by a replacement if warranty allowed
  • Return Part to Vendor and Process Charge Back based on supplier Warranty Contract

If the product is out of warranty WC/FieldS TM use the RMA process and generate a Repair Quote pending customer approval. This quote has the capability to attach any document to support the repair. WC/FieldS TM documents handler allows the attachment of Microsoft Office suite TM documents, PDF's, Sound Recording and Videos. This feature is available throughout all WC/FieldS TM Modules.
WC/FieldSTM Portal Application allows the customer to electronically sign off on the repair quote or reject it. Upon approval the customer will be billed and payment will pass directly to the ERP system. If there is no ERP then it will be handled internally within WC/FieldS TM Billing system.
For more Info about Quotes and Billing see Featured on this web site.

The entire RMA process will interact with your Enterprise Resource Planning Software ERP in use if the interface is turned on, otherwise it could stand alone. With this nuance, the plant manager will have a complete transparency of what is occurring at the production shop floor.
WC/FieldS TM will generate a report stating all the repairs and WIP, work in process, that would affect the shop floor.
This allows the shop floor manager to have a better control over the repair that may affect normal production lead time.

The Vendor charge back tool is where WC/FieldS TM becomes a profit center for the manufacturer.
WC/FieldS TM incorporates an excellent mechanism of supplier warranty. This way the Manufacturer get proper credit when the vendor product fails .

At any given stage of the RMA cycle, the consumer can view the process at any point using the WC/FieldS TM Portal Application to track the current disposition of the RMA and the target date for shipping it back.

Quotes And Billing

Quotes And Billing

Quotes and Billing Module

The WC/FieldS TM Quote Processing Module allows you to enter, maintain, and track quotes for service and repair orders. This module also serves as a billing mechanism for RMA’s/repairs, Field Service, Claim Processing, or Help Desk.
In order to use the quotes processing and billing module, you need to define those responsible for providing estimates. WC/FieldSTM uses the Dispatcher or Estimators of your internal staff qualified to handle the process.

A Quote can be generated as a stand alone base on customer's request for a product repair out of warranty or from other WC/FieldS TM Modules.
The Help Desk, Field Service, Claim or RMA modules within WC/FieldS TM has the capability to create a comprehensive Repair Quote.

Once the Quote is generated, WC/FieldS TM put the quote on a pending status upon Customer and Dispatcher/Estimator Electronic signature approval .
The quote can attach to any document to support the repair. WC/FieldS TM documents handler allows attachment of Microsoft Office suite TM documents, PDF's, Sound Recording and Videos.

WC/FieldS TM Portal Application allows the customer to electronically sign off the repair quote or reject it. Upon approval, the customer will be billed and payment will pass directly to the ERP system.
If there is no ERP, it will be handled internally within the WC/FieldS TM Billing system.

The Billing Module tool can check Customer Credit Limit if the featured is turned on.
As a feature included, a complete billing, invoice aging and payment processing internal is included within WC/FieldS TM .

Claims Processing

Claims Processing

Claim Processing Concept

WC/FieldS TM Claims Processing provides the most comprehensive claims management system available for Manufacturer and their Distribution Channels/Dealers Centers.

The system is designed to reduce labor-intensive manual Claims Processing and includes many features that can be used to greatly enhance efficiency and automate the warranty claims process.

The Claims Processing component interfaces with other WC/FieldS TM modules in order to provide complete system synergy to eliminate duplication of data entry.
Field Service Orders, RMAs and Repair Orders can be generated instantly from a claim detail record. Similarly, claims can be generated directly from all WC/FieldS TM modules.
Each Dealer/Customer has the ability to submit a claim using the WC/FieldS TM Portal Application as a single claim or a group of claims.
Regardless of origin, claims are processed in exactly the same way. WC/FieldS TM processes all claims in groups. A claim group matches multiple claims that originated from a single source i.e., by service center.
Grouping the claims by source has many advantages. All claims for a particular service center can be handled by a specific claims analyst,and therefore can be subject to the claims processing rules and pricing structures defined for that specific service center, and they can be paid as a group in accordance with your payment schedule.
Claims rules are used by WC/FieldS TM to define the basis for claims processing automation. Procedures established within the Claims Processing Rules files determine the level of sensitivity required for the automated acceptance or rejection of warranty claims.
The Claim rules can be tailored in a way to catch duplicate claim for a specific serial number or checks and balance to control cost. When you close a claim group all claims within the group are validated against the claims rule associated with the group’s service center.
If the validation tool finds any out-of-bound conditions, the claims are then assigned a status of either Manual, which required a claim analyst intervention, or Rejection with an automated message justifying the rejection status.
If the group is successfully validated, the group is placed in Closed status and is ready to be posted for payment through the Apply Checks and Payments process.
The status of each claim are available to be viewed by the Customer/Dealers who submitted the claim. This way if any issue arises regarding the claim status, both parties can collaborate, due to WC/FieldS TM Portal Application, until a final mutual agreement is reached to satisfy the final status of the claim.

Field Service Order Processing

Field Service Order Processing

Field Service and Dispatch Processing

Overview The WC/FieldSTM Field Service Order module is a comprehensive field service order management application that provides the means to generate and track field service orders from the origin of ticket generation to posting of appropriate charges to Customer Order Management.

The Fields Service module allow the manufacturer to dispatch their service technicians directly to the customer site where the equipment is installed.
Whether the field service order is generated directly from a field service order module, quote, claim, or a help desk call, the service order ticket information and record are maintained in the Field Service Order Module feature.
This module features the ability to inspect and do all the necessary work to support your customer install base at their site including all transaction logging.

Once the technician has completed work on the service order, details can be recorded and attached to the Service Order record.
The technician can document details of the work performed and comprehensive transactions can be entered for labor, materials repaired or replaced, and miscellaneous costs such as travel. Charges recorded can be passed to Customer Order Management and be billed to the customer or appropriate cost centers.
Recording such details for all service orders increases the knowledge base and provides more accurate life cycle costing analysis for your products.

This module feature the ability to notify your customer install base of any product updates and engineering changes EC product recalls due to defects in order to better maintain the quality of your equipment.
This process will create the proper Service Order and schedule the technician visit in order to perform the necessary equipment maintenance, keep the product up to date to preserve the manufacturer warranty.

Quality And Statistics Analysis

Quality And Statistics Analysis

WC/FieldSTM Dash Board and Data Mining

One of the unique features of WC/FieldS TM is the ability to gather information about a product, from the start of the product shipment, serialized and registration.
WC/FieldS TM build all necessary historical data changes that would impact the product at any stage of the product's life cycle.

Using this, the system is able to automatically build all the changes that impact the product through it's life cycle and help the manufacturer conduct an in depth analysis and a quality control study of the product.
This enables the manufacturer to stay at the forefront of production and constantly improve their product. WC/FieldS TM will give you a tremendous competitive edge due to the fact that this system allows them to react fast and be proactive about their products.

WC/FieldS TM Dash Board is the pilot cockpit complete with an array of trend analysis, Graphs, and daily task lists. This tool eliminates any guess work about the day to day operation.
The Dash Board gives the user absolute power and control to perform their daily tasks and be extremely proactive about them. The significant nature of this feature would potentially augment the product of quality and customer support.
Managers have the capability to delegate various tasks to their in house staff and conduct proper follow ups in a timely fashion. A complete hierarchy can be configured and allow you to operate in an efficient team work environment.

Mining data and creating reports and graphs is no longer the responsibility of the IT/Programmers. With WCFieldS, the power is given back to the user using our simple user interface to extract information from WC/FieldS TM anyway they wish.
There are no restrictions as long as the security to do so is granted. The powerful direct interface to your desk top applications such as Microsoft OfficeTM, Adobe AcrobatTM, or any other document handler makes the user’s task of exporting data any way they wish with total ease and accessibility.

WC/FieldS TM report writing and Data extraction is completely user customizable with the ability to schedule reporting task and communicate other than your usual office via email engine, internal distribution list, or Dash Board.

Vendor Responsibility And Charge Back

Vendor Responsibility And Charge Back

Supplier Charge Back - a unique feature

This is an area where WC/FieldS TM becomes profitable to the vendor by charging your supplier for any part they provided that failed. The uniqueness of this feature makes our system extremely powerful thus helping the manufacturer recoup all the costs incurred from their supplier. This allows you to have control of the quality of the product supplied in order to stay competitive by reducing your liability.

The same way a warranty is given for a product to the consumer, WC/FieldS TM keeps track of all warranty terms pre-negotiated with your supplier. When the product fails due to a faulty part supplied by your vendor, our system supplies the process and the necessary documentation necessary to submit to the supplier for a reimbursement or credit of the cost incurred. This process has multiple sources within WC/FieldS TM and gets processed the same way. Whether it is Fields Service, RMA or claims, Vendor responsibility and Charges Back,WC/FieldS TM covers it all.

This powerful feature that provides a complete vendor analysis and incident impact on your products gives significant visibility of all the suppliers and their product qualities.

Products Warranty Registration

Products Warranty Registration
On Line Warranty Registration

This function is part of the embedded Sites Management module. Here, WC/FieldS TM creates the online warranty Registration page linked to your site. This is an important process of WC/FieldS TM. In order to help maintain the integrity of the product profile , it is crucial to record all changes that occur during the life-cycle of the product. Product registration and ownership transfers should be recorded, especially when they impact warranty terms.

When the Configuration and Serialization trigger runs, original ownership records are created. WC/FieldSTM collects information that allows the system to form individual product profiles.
These profiles possess data such as: product shipment, product configuration, product owner (customer sold to), product and component warranties, etc.
It is such data that allows the system to track the entire product history. Ownership history and transfer profiles are maintained in the WC/FieldSTM Registration & Owner Tracking module.
This is a key feature since it allows you to track your product’s latest ownership and therefore keep in contact with the end user in case of product updates, recalls, or warranty term extensions.

When an item is sold or ownership is transferred to another individual or company, record transfer information is automatically recorded.
This unique function offers a tremendous benefit to the end user. With a profile account supplied, the consumer will have access to warranty information, products update, and other support benefits you may offer.
WC/FieldS also allows you to associate items with a service center other than the one originally assigned. Ownership transfers can be impacted by warranty terms rules you set up.
If your company’s product registration cards contain demographic or other information that you would like to keep track of, you can tailor the Warranty Registration Site Page to record the additional information

Campaign Recall

Campaign Recall

Product Recall Campaign

As products are deployed, a certain percentage are bound to fail or posses a defect during the manufacturing process. This will create a spike of repeated incidents that require alteration or an inner engineering change to the products sold.
One issue every industry faces is tracking their products after being sold and thus contacting the latest consumer. How many are still out there? What is the cost to take care of the issues that could affect public safety? These are the questions that arise when product possesses a defect.

Such an issue is solved by WC/FieldS TM with it's tracking mechanism: the perfect solution. Our software will guide the manufacture to be equipped to launch a campaign recall for their products and thus properly notify the consumer about the recall, and offer a solution to the problem.
This process requires a serious analysis of the issues and therefore provide the consumer with a speedy and cost effective remedy.
WC/FieldS TM will handle the operation in an efficient manner and provide you with a precise overall cost analysis of the recall .
The remedy can be handled by the manufacturing service center/dealer network which will report back to the manufacturer. This procedure is handled in a precise manner that gives complete control and visibility to the producer.

Robust Reporting And Data Analysis

Robust Reporting And Data Analysis

Reporting and Data Mining

Extracting Data in order to produce reports are no longer an IT/Programmer task with WC/FieldS TM. The power to complete this task has been transfered back to the users.
Using our simple user-friendly interface, the users have the power to have complete control to retrieve and manipulate the information with ease and accessibility .

With no technical background required, WC/FieldS TMusers have the ability to individually produce an unlimited amount of customized reports and graphs to support their needs.
This built in application interface gives the user an easy integration with all the desk top applications they use on a daily basis such as Microsoft Office suite TM, Adobe AcrobatTM , etc..

The user can decide to save the report/data extraction as templates in order to be part of their scheduled tasks. These templates can be secured or granted access to other users.
The user can configure a complete distribution list in order to share the template they produced.

We believe the burden falls on our highly trained and talented technical staff hands on here at Midrange Software in order to reduce the operating cost for our customer and thus give them the right tools to manipulate and create in order to participate in the high demand business climate required of suppliers today.
Our reporting system will guarantee a high level of efficiency and productivity that your staff will enjoy.

Embedded Sites Management

Embedded Sites Management

WC/FieldS TM Custom Site Management

This is an area where our Technical staff gives the power to the end user in order to create complete site pages to support customers. These site Pages allow the manufacturer to interact with their product install bases and therefore collaborate using all the features that WC/FieldS TM offers.

The embedded site management tool is a unique feature that allows you to create site pages attached to your existing website in a very seamless way matching not only the look and feel, but also the color scheme of your site.
This feature was created for the purpose of giving you control over technology. Such a feature is powered by the flexibility to manipulate and customize the extensions of your current website to better support your customers and cut unnecessary programing costs.

Embedded Site Management Features

  • On Line Warranty Registration and Ownership Transfers
  • Help Desk and Technical Support
  • RMA Request and Resolution Updates
  • Field Service Request and Progress Report
  • Repair Quote and Customer Approval
  • Claim Submission and Resolutions
  • Campaign Recalls and Products Updates
  • Dealer Network/Distribution Channels Links
  • Spare Parts Order Management

With one single secure log on your Customers/Dealers and Distributers will have the ultimate access to all such information in an engaging manner.
We believe this technology will give you not only a competitive edge but also and more importantly, customer retention.
WC/FieldS TM will significantly boost the productivity of your staff that support your products.

Profile Management

Profile Management

Customers, End Users, Dealers, Vendors

This module allows you to manage your current customers, product end users, dealers, as well as the suppliers.

This is a key area that affects the complete product life cycle. From the day the product is shipped to a direct customer or a distributer, WC/FieldS TM will have all the required information pertaining to the initial possession of the product. When the product is sold or transferred, the end user profile will be registered as well. All this information will be used to allow direct direct communication between the manufacture and the install base.

Your suppliers/vendor are registered as well. They impact the charges back module as well as return to vendor process feature during the RMA work flow. Your ERP integration to WC/FieldS TM will synchronize your customers and vendor file directly where all others will be integrated internally within our software.

Product Configuration Management

Product Configuration Management

The Ultimate Engineering tool to support your product life cycle

This feature provides a complete tracking mechanism to capture the original configuration of the product at the time of shipment and any Engineering Changes impacted by repairs within WC/FieldS TM.

The ERP integration captures the configuration BOM - Bill of Material and freeze at the time when the product is shipped out.
This process is important due to the serialization of all sub-components. This feature gives the ability to view the exact way the product was build and sold to the customer.
While WC/FieldS TM alters the product due to an RMA repair , a Fields Service dispatches to fix the problem, a claim producing a repair by a service center, or a Product Recall. The configuration could potentially impact and change.
The results of these procedures will automatically update the latest changes impacting the configuration of the product further giving you the ability to see all the modifications that altered the original build. With this, a complete Configuration history of your product is available, further eliminating all guess work if any issue arises that may affect the quality or the warranty term of the product.

Item Product Serialization

Item Product Serialization

Product Serialization Process

The Serial & Configuration File is the heart of WC/FieldS TM. This module supplies information critical to the operation of other major modules. It retrieves information crucial to product life cycle tracking and WC/FieldSTM reporting.

Configuration and serialization is the process that occurs when WC/FieldS TM launches its tool that retrieves shipped order history from the manufacturing system ERP.

Shipped items and its associated data (customer, order, bill of materials, etc.) are embedded in WC/FieldS TM and serial file records are generated for each end-item and for major components that were flagged for automatic serialization.
Serial file records contain vital information about an item, such as, configuration and design information, warranty contract and contract elements, and ownership history. This file provides the system with the information it needs to track your products and further provides the common link between all WC/FieldS TM modules.
The more detailed the serial number records, the more comprehensive your abilities to track product history and life-cycle information are.
The serialization process is available in multiple ways. Whether it is supplied by the ERP during the manufacturing process, or passed through an electronic file, WC/FieldSTM offers several solutions build in to support that process.

If you intend to use WC/FieldSTM to automatically populate serial numbers at the key components level, you will need to define the structure definition necessary in serial number assignment. You can create multiple Rules to accommodate differences in product lines or other areas. WC/FieldSTM allows you to create rules for serial number assignment based on end-item part number, partial part number, item classification, and other criteria as well.

While WC/FieldS TM alter the product due to an RMA repair, a Fields Service dispatched to fix the problem, a claim producing a repair by a service center, a Product Recall, the configuration may be impacted as well as Components Serial Numbers. The system was designed to handle the Serial Number History Change as well.

The product warranty registration tool validates the serial number entered by the customer and thus update to the latest contact info.

Warranty Contracts Management

Warranty Contracts Management
Contract Management Hierarchy

Contract Management is the WC/FieldSTM tool that defines warranty terms. Contract definition is essential to the WC/FieldSTM system and therefore requires careful planning

When the Configuration and Serialization process is run for the first time to extract shipped order history, the system analyzes serialized items and flagged components and assigns appropriate Warranty Terms contracts.
WC/FieldS TM has a multitude variation type of contracts. This gives a tremendous flexibility to handle warranty terms and the hierarchy used in contract assignment processes.
It is imperative that warranty contracts be fully defined and established prior to running Configuration and Serialization.

This provides an incentive to your top customers or distributers by providing better warranty terms or supplying promotions specified products with different warranty terms. A possibility could include an extended warranty term to a unique component used or a certain model in your product line.
All this flexibility allows you to have better control over warranty terms and control costs .

Extended warranty contract can be managed as well with a complete billing system within WC/FieldS TM.

The same way you offer a warranty term of your product to the consumer, WC/FieldS TM has the capability to keep track of all warranty term pre-negotiated with your supplier. See featured module Vendor Responsibility and Charge Back.

Internal Staff Management

Internal Staff Management

Internal Support Staff Management

In order to better support your customers, WC/FieldS TM gives you the capability to clearly have access to the people behind the desk backing your products.
A wide range of information complements the employee data such as: the basic profile, title, positions within your organizations, skill set, qualifications about your products, and certification. If you are an ISO certified company, this is a key component in the module that will yield efficient managing.

One of the most visible people in your organizations are the members in the front line with the customers the technical support staff. They represent your organization.
Therefore, it is crucial to know who they are. Do they have the proper skill set set to support your most valuable asset - your customers.
WC/FieldS TM gives you the ability to manage your staff, from managers to clerical levels, with the right tools to be properly trained, delegating different tasks, and setting up team work and work flow. .

With a smart level of reporting our Staff Management Module allows you to operate in a transparent environment with quality assurance to complete day to day tasks.
A smart benchmarking system can be tailored to assess the productivity and the quality of the work performed.

Keeping track of certification is also crucial. WC/FieldS TM offers the tool to setup training programs and proper follow up by team leaders to help boost the productivity level of the supporting staff.

System Configuration And ERP Integration

System Configuration And ERP Integration

WC/FieldS TM Customization

WC/FieldS TM offer a wide range of customization. We believe that each enterprise operate differently and in a unique way. That said our solution is build with that mind set. Where customization and work flow are inherent within the software. It's a mater of tailoring the application, set it, and forget it.

Several templates are build in with our solution. Part of the implementation is to configure these templates in a way that is suitable to your operation.
Whether it is work flow, terminology, Warranty Term, contract management, Pricing structure, or customization of the site pages to fit your need. (See Embedded Sites Management), just to name a few.
Each featured Module in WC/FieldSTM has a set of templates available ready to be customize, and again by the user no programing coding or IT involvement. Defaults can be established for different application areas to avoid repetitive data entry.

ERP Integration

From its conception, WC/FieldS TM was build with an integration to an ERP in mind. We understand that each corporation has its own Enterprise Resource Planning ERP solution to handle their operation.
WC/FieldS TM is not here to replace your ERP but to complement it, it takes care of areas that chances are your ERP solution will not.
With that in mind we created several build in processes ready for deployment that makes WC/FieldS TM an extension of your enterprise solution in a seamless way.
If you do not have an ERP system in place. No problem WC/FieldS TM will operate as a stand alone.

Currently WC/FieldS TM support several ERP solutions on the market. Feel free to contact us to discuss your solution.

System Administration

System Administration

System Administration and Security Management

The flexibility of the WC/FieldSTM security system allows for complete control of the application. In addition of your network security WC/FieldS TM has it's own internal security access to each module. At user or a group profile a comprehensive security give you an unbreakable sense of safekeeping tailored to each individual need.

WC/FieldS TM security system give you the power to control every aspect of the system. The ability to grant access to super power users all the way to a minimal view at clerical level.
The group templates concept make the security extremely manageable in a large corporate structure. Specially dealing with a world wide distribution channels/Divisions.
Several layer of security access are available from corporate division stand point, Department all the way to a specific product line down to a specific warehouse.
The layers of security could be setup as simple or as complex as you need.

Our user friendly interface, make the system exceptionally intuitive and put you in a driver seat with a minimal training.

About us

Our journey begins in 1988, when Jacques Ohana and his brother Simon Ohana founded and ran Midrange Software.
Midrange Software is an in-house solution that has enjoyed its success for over 28 years in the Human Capital, Payroll and various solutions for the Manufacturing industries.

We are now deploying our powerfull cloud Base WC/FieldS TM Warranty Claims and Field Service , that enables manufacturers and dealers to easily perform service transactions online with accuracy and accountability.

Midrange Software grows its technology based on client input and tailors system setups to each company’s unique needs . Our talented programming staff is on-site, constantly refining and upgrading our systems to keep up with ever-changing industry needs. By keeping programming in-house , we can offer a quick turnaround on program customization and new features.

Simon Ohana

Simon Ohana is the Executive Vice President And Chief Technology Officer who joined Midrange Software in 1990 to team up with his brother Jacques. Simon holds a bachelor's degree in computer science with honors from the prestigious IEI University (Institute European Informatics).

Simon spent 7 years in France designing a major mail order system and developed a number of major applications for large corporations in the United State such as Human Resources, International Payroll, Time and Attendance system, Recruiting, and our latest cloud base Warranty Claims And Field ServiceWC/FieldSTM .

Jaques Ohana

Jacques Ohana is the president and founder of Midrange software Inc.

Jacques earned a bachelor’s degree with honors in computer science from the prestigious Louis Pasteur College in Paris France in 1980.
After spending four years in France designing various systems on the IBM platform S/3x, Jacques journey to the USA to work as an independent consultant for fortune 500 such as Apple Corp, TransAmerica, Sanyo Corp and Denso Corp (Toyota division).

With a strong programing and system design background, Jacques teamed up with his brother Simon in designing major applications for large corporations such as Human Resources, International Payroll, Warranty Claims, Time and attendance, online Recruiting system, and various other products interfacing ERP system for manufacturing environment.

Currently deployed our latest and exciting cloud base product targeting manufacturing, WC/FieldSTM Warranty Claim and fields Services right on time for manufactures bringing back their production to the USA.

We believe software should work for people, not the other way around.
Midrange Software is a leading developer of sophisticated solutions. Our products assist companies across a board range of sizes and industries types. Our model is very simple, we work individually with customers, our leadership has helped organization streamline their process.
Midrange's industry experts provide solutions to meet and exceed the changing needs of today's growing businesses. We are committed to customer satisfaction from product development and simple installation to continuous usage. Midrange assist customers during implementation, training and customization of our products.

Our cloud base solution allow our customers to operate in a simpler and cost effective environment. Using a cutting edge technology, we have helped our customer to succeed in a more competitive and productive environment.

Our Services

Services and Customer Support

Services and Customer Support

We are committed to providing the most efficient means to implement your solutions. In order to expedite the implementation of your products, our highly trained in house consultants get you up and running and back to your real work in a record time. All our implementers and support staff complement each other with a highest industry knowledge and work ethics in order to guide our customers to the right path for a successful implementation and support of our products solution.

Midrange Software, provides consulting, implementation, training services, and full support for WC/FieldSTM including software updates. Our hot line support staff include a live voice expert online of someone who is already familiar with your environment as well as your business practice. We unique in the sense that we do not use call center for our support. We use our own staff centered in the USA.

Midrange Software has affiliates throughout the US and Europe that can support the application locally.

We also provide our customers with a log on account allowing the submission of a ticket for better support in managing resolution in a real time environment. This allows Customers to manage their request and proper follow up for the resolution of their problem.

Part of our services include a dedicated rep to you based on the type of coverage to elect to purchase. Our mission is to provide highly qualified consulting services to organizations with the goal of analyzing current work flow processes and thus recommending the best solution to increase efficiency and reduce unnecessary costs.
Our commitment to excellence ensures that all of our consultants remain experts in the ever-changing practices of you manufacturing process.

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Affiliate Program

Affiliate Partner & Strategic Alliance: The Midrange Advantage

Affiliate Partner & Strategic Alliance: The Midrange Advantage

With increasing demand for our products, your revenue opportunities have never been greater. In an unpredictable economy, we are continuing to see record demand for our services.

Our focus as a company has changed as a result in order to account for expanding our markets and enlist the help of strong independent selling organizations. We welcome Affiliate Partners that want to work as consultants or offer selling and integration capabilities, as defined in three separate partner programs.

To qualify, partners must meet or exceed requirements for that specific program.

Your Success is the bottom line. We assist you through every step of the process by providing you with valuable benefits such as a full sales training program on Midrange technologies.

You will receive:

  • Midrange Software training and certification
  • Marketing Collaterals
  • Professional Services
  • Support for post-sale customer needs
  • Business and Market Information that helps to build your sales and more.

With our solutions, your clients will have clarity in their business, more effectively manage the post life cycle of their products, increase revenues, eliminate redundancies, cut costs and drive productivity levels.
WC/FieldS TM is the only product of its kind that seamlessly connects the Manufacture, the distribution network and the consumer in cohesive integration. We show you how our tools embody a comprehensive and efficient means of leveraging a client’s technology investment while achieving fast sustainable returns on investment.

Why Midrange Software?

Midrange Software, Inc. solutions are commonly in use in diverse industries including but not limited to manufacturing, government, retail, services, banking/financial, health/medical and more.

  • A Unique Product on the market today
  • Cloud Base Product Designed with Cutting Edge Technology
  • Our products is platforms Independent
  • Turnkey solutions with robust functionality
  • Professional Services
  • User-friendly applications with comprehensive and connectivity solutions
  • Multiple ERP Integration
  • Competitive pricing

As companies look for ways to save costs, they can actualize efficiencies and savings through maximizing labor resources and improving returns-on-investment. Even the simplest changes will lead to substantial gains for you and your client.
By providing your client additional productivity power over its workforce, you receive visibility than allows for more solutions and projects.

We are one of only a few vendors that offer an intuitive product and the only company that offers a product at a competitive price point.

Midrange has a customer-centric philosophy and focus which has enabled consistent growth and unparalleled customer retention. Our Affiliate Partners work together with us to continue and ensure our success.
We hope that you will become a member of our team and join us in our future successes.


Affiliate Partner Application Form

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Email us at: affiliate@midrangesoftware.com

Affiliate Business Partners

Midrange Software, Inc. will collaborate with our Affiliate Partners in providing their customers with premium solutions to meet their needs.
The partnership is appropriate for firms focused on a particular market segments that are not offered by their organization.
Consulting firms, IT service companies and others serve as successful Affiliate Partners.
Midrange Software, Inc., offers three different levels of partnerships where each level is independently financially rewarding.

As a Reseller:
Affiliate resells the Midrange Software Solutions as a Value-Add to the Reseller solutions; Affiliate works with Midrange to assist in further
meeting customer requirements; Affiliate actively pursues other clients.

As an Influencer:
Midrange sells its solutions directly to the End-User Customer and Midrange works with the Affiliate to qualify the referral;
Affiliate supplies other referrals to Midrange for action.

Three steps to registration with Midrange:

  1. Register or call (818) 762-8539 for further details
  2. Register Your Profile via the Reseller Application
  3. Provide Your References

Three steps to Authorization With Midrange :

  1. Meet Business Model Criteria
  2. Register Your Client with Midrange Software
  3. Accept Midrange Payment Terms

Three ways to Participate With Midrange :

  1. Identify Current Opportunities and Transactions
  2. Earn Discount at Time of Transaction
  3. Elect Influence Fee

Affiliate Partner Benefits :

 Midrange Commitment Details
Training Full sales training program on Midrange technologies including benefits and value.
Certification Program designed to train your team on Midrange technologies and support post-sale customer needs.
Marketing Support Materials White papers, data sheets, co-brandable materials, use of Midrange authorized partner logo, newsletter and extranet site.
Marketing Events Opportunities to jointly support marketing events where applicable.
Professional Services Access to integration, design, and embedding consultations.
Midrange Partner Directory Provide information and link (where applicable) for the reseller to be contacted within the appropriate Midrange partner list.
Cooperative Marketing Funds Retroactively assessed after 90 days of contract. Percentage will be based on recognizable sales revenue volume.
Joint Market Attack Planning Support Partner with Midrange to build a plan to incorporate Midrange technologies into the sales offerings (and to whom).
Systems Integration The ability to integrate Midrange solutions into other technologies in support of the client. We can assist you.
Lead Generation Program Referrals based on corporate strength and geography from Midrange clients and prospective clients, trade shows, and seminars when applicable.
Incentive Sales Programs Midrange will provides discounts on products purchased.
Early Product Releases Opportunities to offer Beta release to customers for pre-release presentations and revenue opportunities.
Technical Support Available to resellers for support. System integrators that self-maintain their clients are welcome to join our quick-start training programs.
Monthly Status Meetings Sponsored by Midrange for each reseller sales team for success discussions, strategy planning and Q & A.
Business and Market Information Quarterly updates on Midrange Solutions and Direction.
Partner Management One single point of contact.

Strategic/Technology Partners

Midrange Software and other companies committed to providing premier business solutions that are mutually beneficial by forming strategic/technology partnerships.
Our partners can stay focused on their product strengths and offer a complete Warranty Claim and Field Service as a solution.
Midrange benefits include offering applications that enhance our WC/FieldS TM, and manufacturing solutions.
More importantly, both parties gain exposure to new markets.
Our partnerships include Microsoft, IBM, and more.


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Our Product

What Does WC/FieldS do

What Does WC/FieldSTM do ?

WC/FieldSTM was designed to provide manufacturers the means to administer product warranty and to track post-production and life-cycle costs . This product connect the manufacture in two ways.
Manufactures directly to the consumer ,
and manufactures through a distribution channel i.e. Dealer Network then the consumer.

The system is a complex, modular application that gathers product life-cycle history and associated costs. It produces analysis and statistical evaluations that provides information that can be used to improve quality and durability of products that thereby, reduce overall costs. Interfacing directly with the Manufacturing enterprise resource solution, WC/FieldS TM extracts shipped order history that assigns and maintains detailed records for parent and key component items (Bill of Material Configuration History).

These records are created and maintained in the Serialization and Configuration File module. This module is vital to the operation of WC/FieldSTM and serves to identify those items and components that warrant careful monitoring and tracking.

Warranty contracts are applied to serialized end-items and their key components in accordance with the contractual requirements defined in the Contract Management module . Once items key components and warranty terms have been identified and established, WC/FieldSTM can begin to record every event and incurred expense throughout the products life (see Modules Available on this site).

This make WC/FieldSTM a unique product that connect every aspect of the product life cycle history from Serialization to Product Configuration History changes BOM , Product On line registration , Customer Relations Support with real time Technical Chat, Field Service Dispatch , Return Material Authorization and Product Maintenance , Repair Quotes , Billing , Claim Processing , and Vendor Charge Back .

All these module interconnect and behave in a One Stop Shopping Center base on the way your business is conducted. All these modules can be used and tailored based on WC/FieldSTM intelligence base configuration.

Key information can be passed back to the ERP Enterprise Resource Planning Software so that accurate information is retained when maintenance affects inventory, manufacturing process or billing.

The system also features extensive reporting capabilities and analytical tools with the ability to involute a Product Recall with forecasting associated cost .

A flexible yet powerful security system provides for field-level restrictions at the user level and enables both system and user tailoring to meet the needs of individual manufacturing environments. What WC/FieldSTM will do for any product manufactured out there.

“Build the product, Pack, ship it, WC/FieldSTM will keep track of its Life Cycle and improve your product”.

WC/FieldSTM Demo Application And Leads Management


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Midrange Software Internal Use

Leads Management
Technical Support
  • WC/FieldS Web Applications Invoked From Customer Main WebSite
    • Products Registration Website
    • Open Ticket Website
    • Claim Filling Website
    • FieldS Service Technician Workbench Website
    • Customer Field Service Approval Website
    • Customer Quote Approval Website
    • Inspection Technician Workbench Website
    • Repair Technician Workbench Website

Dealer Network

Dealer Network

Dealer Network / Distribution Channel

The Dealer network is one of the major key component that manages the distribution of your products, the service centers, as well the claim processing. WC/FieldS TM requires a qualification criteria definition to allow the dealer to conduct a specific task with the system.

A service center is defined as any dealership, company, or individual that is authorized to distribute and/or service your products. By setting up your qualification criteria, the dealership will benefit from various accesses to WC/FieldS TM modules such as a training certification to support your products, product information and updates, Knowledge base, Product registration, help desk, Spare parts orders, as well as claim processing.
These features enables you to better manage your distribution channel and properly follow any re-certification program in place in order to maintain the dealer qualifications. This enables you to better manage your distribution channel and follow properly to any re-certification program in place in order to maintain the dealer qualifications.

Additionally, service centers can be attached to pricing structure or contract definitions. These definitions are used to specify the computation method necessary for claim payment, replaced items and miscellaneous costs or any authorized service completed on your behalf based on a processing hierarchy.

Certain Critical criteria is available to you to setup at any dealer/service center to prevent fraud or claim abuse.

See Repair Center Management and Claim Processing Modules for more information.

Repair Center Management

Repair Center

Service Center Network Management

WC/FieldSTM groups warranty claims uses the submitting service center (dealer) as the key grouping and sorting criteria. By grouping the claims in such a specified way, the source of the claim is immediately clear and can be used as the basis to specify payment and processing criterias.

A service center is defined as any dealership, company, or individual that is authorized to service your products. One service center must at least be defined within WC/FieldS TM in order for the claims processing module to run. If all repairs and services are performed within your own repair center, then you may define your repair center as a service center.

WC/FieldSTM uses the service center concept to provide a structured management system of warranty claims processing. During claims processing, claims are grouped by service centers to help analysts and to simplify the claims payment process by using group posting and payment. Each service center is attached to a specified set of warranty claim rules. The rules serve to help automate claims processing by clearly defining the filtering criteria for accepting or rejecting claims.

See Dealer Network and Claim Processing Modules for more information.

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